Trust Beacon of Hope for Marapong

| January 8, 2015

While some villages are struggling to come up with viable community projects that can create employment opportunities, Marapong village in the Tutume sub-district has a different story to tell.

The community has responded very well to the government clarion call for communities to take charges of their own lives.

Marapong has established a community development trust, which specifically deals with brick moulding and the trust has proved to be viable as it has already created employment for the villagers.

It is a source of income for many and has created some form of economic activity in the village and has also ushered in some developments within the village.

The trust offices are located in an easy to find area, a stone throw away from the village kgotla.

Watching employees executing their daily activities, one cannot easily tell that here the spirit of self-reliance is something that is not only talked about but also executed with the high spirit and determination.

In an interview, the executive secretary of the trust, Mr Charles Ketshabile explained that it was established in 2011 as a joint venture between the government and the community of Marapong.

Mr Ketshabile noted that the trust was an initiative from the community and village elders later requested for some financial assistance from the government.

“The government financed the start-up of the project with P500 000 which was used to purchase machinery and other necessities and the remaining sum was saved for the day to day running of the business,” he said.

Mr Ketshabile also disclosed that although the start-up capital was from the government, the sole responsibility of the trust was with the board of trustees selected within the village.

He said the ideal aim of the trust was to empower residents of Marapong through generating employment opportunities.

It has so far realised its primary objective of job creation because it has permanently engaged 11 employees and 10 of these are engaged in production while one takes care of the administration work.

Mr Ketshabile said basically they deal with moulding bricks of different sizes, noting that most of their customers were individuals within the village and other neighboring villages of Matsitama, Jamataka, Mokubilo and Borolong.

He also highlighted that they supplied other government departments and some private companies from within the village.

Although the business is doing well, Mr Ketshabile said they usually encountered challenges such as lack of proper machinery to mine the sand and frequent break down of the machinery they use to mould the bricks.

Despite all the challenges, Mr Ketshabile said they would continue to implement strategies to help achieve their goals of serving the community of Marapong.

A 46-year-old Mr Bakani Ntisang is one of the residents who have worked at the trust since its inception.

He now holds the position of a supervisor. He told BOPA that the trust had been a solution to his financial problems.

“The employment I was offered at the trust is a blessing as I now have a reliable source of income and able to provide for my family,” he said.

Kgosi Bakani Mampori of the village also appreciated the trust as a source of economic activity, adding that profits generated through the trust was used to develop the village.

He was optimistic that with time, the trust would prosper and eventually generate more employment opportunities for the residents.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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