Tshipi E Ntsho to Roll for Charity (allAfrica.com)

| September 14, 2015

For the first time ever in Botswana, Metsimotlhabe will host Tshipi e ntsho race which features old model bicycles better known as Colombia and Humber.

Speaking in an interview , Founder of Tshipi e ntsho race, Mpopi Mokgware said the race would be held on November 28. Mokgware said the purpose of the event was to raise funds for the sick and elderly in the village.

She added that the 10km race would start from Metsimotlhabe to Diphiring and was open to persons aged 15 and above. She emphasised that they only register old model bicycles.

The initiative, she said, was to bring back those old mdels known as Humber which the elderly commonly used.

Mokgware further said they had realised that the sick and elderly were often neglected hence they saw it fit to extend a helping hand.

She said together with the youthful Barorisi Gospel Choir they decided to embark on the project to raise funds to provide for the sick and the elderly with basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

Mokgware noted that it would be an annual event which they planned to host in different places across the country so that the sick and elderly in other areas benefitted as well.

To contribute to the success of the event, Mokgware explained that they were working together with artists such as Astley Gops, Street gang, Maepaputso Traditional Group and a number of private companies.

She also highlighted that Facebook had provided a huge mileage about the race and had further provided information for those who wished to register for the race.

Mokgware said the winner of the race would receive a trophy and cash prize together with the second and third placed.

She added that they were hopeful that each participant would receive a certificate of appreciation. She said the event was not only charity based but also offered participants a time to exercise which contributes to good health.

Source : BOPA

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