Some Tutume Ipelegeng Projects Complete

| January 11, 2015

Despite the challenges Ipelegeng projects faced there has been some progress, says Tutume sub-district Drought Coordinator, Mr Keletso Mokopi.

He said 13 Ipelegeng projects have been completed, 33 are between 76-100 per cent complete and 104 at aerse stage of 51-75 per cent complete.

Briefing the Shashe West MP, Mr Fidelis Molao recently in a Heads of Departments (HODs) meeting, he also said a total of 24 040 beneficiaries were employed from the months of April-November in 2014, which included 15 993 females and 7 634 males.

He further said the programme was facing challenges of shortage of water in some areas, which hindered progress, suppliers taking too long to supply materials and also shortage of transport to be used for projects implementation and monitoring.

Mr Mokopi said they always encouraged suppliers to deliver materials on time as well as supplying water to the affected areas to speed up the process.

For his part, Mr Molao said the objective of the meeting was to build a cordial relationship with officers and familiarise himself with developments which were done in his constituency.

He emphasised teamwork which he said was good for progress and would help them to close gaps.

Mr Molao also urged Head of Departments to give support to their juniors based in outstations as they felt neglected.

Most officers complained about lack of transport to carry out projects as well as shortage of staff.

Assistant Superintendent Sesetse Mashonja of Tutume Police said shortage of officers, especially at Sebina was worrisome.

Asst Supt Mashonja said Sebina was a breeding area for criminals and shortage of transport and officers hindered them to meet their objectives to fight crime.

She also highlighted that Nshakashogwe village was manned by a special constable since the officer who was based there was transferred last year.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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