“Use library”

| September 1, 2015

Minister of Health, Ms Dorcas Makgato has appealed to the youth in Matlhako village to fully utilise the library services in their village.

Speaking at the Matlhako Library youth empowerment workshop recently, Ms Makgato said that it had been observed that the youth at the village were coming in low numbers to access services at the library.

She said statistics show that in a month about 20 youths visit the library despite announcements through kgotla meetings encouraging youth to fully utilise the services provided.

Ms Makgato said the mandate of the library is to provide information thus the theme of the event was, ‘bridging the gap to youth empowerment programmes’ and as a result Matlhako library found it befitting to host this event to try and bring the information to the youth.

She welcomed the development, adding that in recent years, government departments and parastatals such as Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), have fully realised and appreciated the role of youth development in Botswana.

She said this was evidenced by a myriad of schemes and initiatives geared towards the nurturing, funding, mentoring and supporting efforts of the youth in all areas and sectors.

Ms Makgato said entrepreneurship is the creation of long-term value for a business from customers, markets and relationship and it requires an unwavering belief in the business, an ability to see the bigger picture and an intense focus on delivering and persistence.

She noted that entrepreneurship is recognised globally as one of the pinnacles of economic development, growth and diversity. Ms Makgato said government has developed guidelines for registration of micro and small businesses which are exempted from licensing.

“These are businesses that are permitted to operate from residential premises and temporary shelters,” she said.

She said, “the government is mindful of the rough terrain in which youth businesses operate and it is acknowledged that for businesses to thrive and succeed there is need to create a conducive environment for their establishment and operation.”

Furthermore, Ms Makgato said that government has made some exceptions for youth businesses and encouraged them (the youth) to take advantage of such exemptions and current environment to make a meaningful impact on the country’s economy.

The objectives of the event were to interrogate various youth empowerment programmes from all relevant key holders in strategic sectors.

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