Vee still powerful

| September 20, 2015

Twelve successful years in the music industry, Botswana’s self-acclaimed king of kwaito kwasa, Odirile Sento popularly known as Vee, still goes strong. Since cutting teeth in the local dog eat dog music industry, Vee has been nothing but a hard worker who always sought professionalism in his work.

The Hukuntsi born star has branded himself well and his music has had a massive following all the time. Being a hard worker as he is, there is also an element of natural talent in Vee’s successful music career; the artiste is talented while this has earned him several prestigious local music awards.

As a committed artiste, Vee makes sure that every year he has something good to offer to his fans, there is no year that passes without him releasing a hit.

Thus he is here again with his new product, Supernatural Vol. 3, with the hit song Africa whose video was filmed by a South African company in Soweto.

The video was launched in style at the MASA new capitol cinema where the media, musicians and other stakeholders were invited to witness Vee’s supremacy.

Unlike other music videos, Vee’s Africa video is so original; there is not much of movie effects that were used, something that makes it unique. Meanwhile, Supernatural Vol. 3 is a 16 track album with bonus tracks from previous albums such as Taku Taku, Baba, Zaza, No suffers, Eita, Zoom and Charger. New tracks include Happy, Ithembalami, Tse di tona, Spirit of the Lord, Africa, I am not Forgotten, Umthandazo and Bayawe.

Nonetheless, speaking at the launch, Botswana Musicians Union spokesperson, Pagson Ntsie commended Vee for his outstanding work and urged other artistes to work hard like him.

He said the pint-sized artiste’s branded professionalism and commitment to his work made him outstanding in the local music industry. On the other hand, Vee Mampeezy, as his fans call him, said when shooting the Africa video he told the crew that he did not want anything extravagant, such as fancy cars, all he wanted was dance as he did the video for Batswana and Africa at large.

He was celebrating 12 years in the music industry.

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