VP Wants BQA to Transform Human Resource

Vice President and also Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi has encouraged the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) to transform the country’s human resource into “future diamonds.”

Mr Masisi, who had visited the organisation last Friday, November 21, also encouraged BQA employees against undermining their skills and line of duty as nation builders.

He noted that government continued to abide by its mandate which promised jobs, eradication of abject poverty, the fight against HIV spread from mother to child and quality education.

The Vice President talked of the need for Botswana to work hard and craft strategies that would see BQA compete against the best.

“We have to ensure that we produce a competitive future human resource that will compete with the best nations and even beat them at their own language and culture,” he said.

Mr Masisi also indicated that despite the financial crisis and limited budget, the education ministry would not dictate strategies to implement but guide BQA towards right choices.

He encouraged the organization to uniquely brand itself and not be mediocre something he said would position them at the top.

Further, he urged the BQA staff to work hard while they awaited organisational regulations, adding the ministry would also appoint the board in due course.

Nevertheless, he aised the BQA not to overregulate education and training skills to a point where they would stand on the way of business.

BQA acting CEO, Mr Abel Modungwa said the authority was working on helping Botswana refocus and not to depend only on minerals.

Again, he said the BQA was working out a strategy on behalf of government that would position Botswana to be able to export labour.

He also said they were embarking on an exercise to assess people with indigenous skills and knowledge and certify them in their efforts to help in poverty eradication.

Meanwhile, the acting CEO stated that they were experiencing challenges in that so far government had only given them 35 per cent of what they had asked for, including critical positions in the organisation which had not been filled.

Nonetheless, he assured Mr Masisi that BQA had capable staff, nonetheless, which would ensure they successfully delivered on their mandate.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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