Warders fail to capture Mapalastina

High riding Township Rollers ladies escaped by a whisker and won a very tough and jumpy game 1-0 against Prisons in a Women’s Super League game played at Prisons game recently.

The game started at a very high tempo, and the Warders had a very good game plan on the day, as they denied two deadly Township Rollers combination, Masego Koboto and Bame Ngenda to function on the day.

Mapalastina tried very much to move forward to look for an early goal, but Prisons ladies were in uncompromising mood given that their defence was intact, denying their opponents to do as they please as they normally score avalanche of goal.

In the 38 th minute, Prisons send a shock wave to Rollers supporters after Mariah Tawana unleashed a good cross which was received by Happy Lubinda who lack of composure costed her, as she failed to open the score sheet for her side.

However Mma-Masire ladies remained calm, and continued to absorb the pressure as well as lowering the tempo of the game, until half time.

After break, Prisons opted to rest on their laurels and on the other hand their opponents knew that time was ticking and they wanted the three crucial points so that they continue fighting for position one in the league with their adversary, Double Action.

In the 62 nd minute, Prisons defence made a blunder that nearly costed them after leaving Ngenda unmarked, but fortunately their goal keeper Refilwe Tshambi managed to deal with the strike.

Three minutes after that, Ngenda once again entered Prison territory unmarked but decided to balloon the ball which could have been a clear goal.

Attack, after attack by Rollers unsettled the Warders, as they created a lot of room for the opposition to now move forward, and their hard work,resilence paid dividends in the 68 th minute when Ngenda beat the defence and goal-keeper and net the first and only goal of the day, to ensure that Rollers pocket three crucial points.

After the game Prisons coach, Quelch Moroke said they had a good plan for their opponents, and he told the girls not to allow Rollers to play aerial ball, adding that the plan worked very well.

On the other hand, Rollers coach Gaolethoo Nkutwisang said the game was very tense and Prisons came well prepared for the game.