Williams Topples Raditanka

Central District Council has voted a new chairman, Mr Peter Williams.

He took over from Mr Lesego Raditanka whom he beat by 91 to 81 votes. Mr Raditanka had been chairing the CDC for almost a decade. The deputy council chairperson is Mr Ketshwereng Galeragwe who defeated Mr Mbanga Mbanga with 95 to 74 votes.

When addressing the council, Mr Williams thanked the councillors for believing in him and promised that he would perform his duties diligently. He said also thanked Mr Raditanka for having taught him a lot about running a council and how to handle issues, adding that it was through his wisdom that he would manage.

Mr Williams appealed to councillors to work together as a team to make sure that CDC continued to prosper. He said if they worked together as team, there would be no challenges that could hinder them from developing CDC despite their political differences.

Mr Galeragwe also solicited support from his fellow councillors. Mr Galeragwe also promised to work with everyone in making sure that they continued to develop the district. Furthermore, CDC also got 34 nominated councillors who were sworn in before elections. CDC now has a total of 174 councillors.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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