Young artiste breaks ground

Onalethata Kusong of Kanye ‘aka’ Ndobelicious has released a sizzling Afro-hip-hop track titled baby I’m sorry.

The album was produced by Big Teeh productions in Gaborone January this year and is already making an impact around town.

With the single, the 22 year old artiste pushes the boundaries of creativity in show business and might soon become a household name.

He has performed the track especially raising curtains for bigger artistes like Chama Gal but did not disappoint, in fact, punched above his weight on stage.

The love track tugs at heartstrings and with it he challenges men to find it in their hearts to apologise to their loved ones when they have wronged them.

The young man of song has, nonetheless, implored established artistes to leg -up upcoming musicians by giving them a chance to showcase talent during their shows.

He said the opportunity will help them break through, adding the industry is not that friendly to first timers doing it on their own.

He has also urged local radio stations especially RB1 to promote the industry new comers, which he said could enable them to live off talent.

“I need support to stand on my two feet because music for me is a means of livelihood and there is nothing else I do or love better than music.

But it’s very difficult to get my song played on radio which makes it real hard for me to penetrate the market,”he pleaded.

He thanked the rumba-kwasa star Franco Lesokwane for the support he affords him.

He said Franco usually features him on his show which gives him mileage.

Among others, the golden boy has so far used part of the first proceeds from music to purchase school bags for some Mokgadi Primary School pupils as a way of thanking the Creator for the talent he has given him.