Youth Development Fund Uptake Increases

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The programme officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Mr Elliot Tswiri has said the Youth Development fund (YDF) is one of the youth interventions that continue to bring in positive results.

Speaking during the YDF beneficiary training workshop in Francistown recently, he said the ideal concept of the programme was to financially assist and empower youth to start up their own businesses that would create employment opportunities for others.

He said since the inception of the programme, a lot of youth’s lives had been transformed positively, noting that most of the youth continued to show interest towards the programme and had come up with valid business projects.

Mr Tswiri said these projects have created employment opportunities for other youth as well, adding they do not only address shortage of employment opportunities but rather they play a meaningful role in the diversification of the economy.

For that reason, Mr Tswiri encouraged youth that have been selected for YDF assistance to work tirelessly and ensure that their projects prosper. Mr Tswiri told the youth entrepreneurs not to venture into the business industry just because they failed to succeed in other means of survival.

He noted that for the business to progress well there should be a sense of passion towards it, encouraging them to always conduct a market research before they start their projects. “We have observed that most of youth projects collapse due to lack of market research.

Others venture into the business just because the government has availed the funds,” he said. Mr Tswiri lamented that such tendencies always impact negatively on the progress of the business.

He further said although the government played a role in assisting youth, it was equally important for youth to come up with strategies that would boost the success of their businesses.

“The success of your projects is your sole responsibility, you have to come up with innovative strategies that will help your business to be productive,” he said. Mr Tswiri further urged them to desist from laziness, adding that they should make use of youth officers and other relevant stakeholders.

Meanwhile, head of Training Coordination from Sand Sledge Business Service, Mr Kealeboga Ncube also informed youth entrepreneurs about business management skills. He encouraged them to implement strategies that would help them identify any threats and opportunities within their business.

The purpose of the training workshop was to equip youth who are to be financially assisted through YDF with entrepreneurial skills. It was also meant to educate them about strategies they could implement so as to penetrate the market.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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