Youth Games Deplete BNOC Coffers

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Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) president, Negroes Kgosietsile has told BNOC affiliates that the desire to project Botswana sport well to the outside world through excellent results during the African Youth Games (AYG) led to the BNOC utilising all the resources they had.

Speaking at the BNOC annual general assembly on Noveber 26 he said though the AYG brought about positive results, including catalysing Botswana’s performance at bigger stages as exemplified by winning the first Youth Olympic Games medals, the expenditure on the games negatively impacted on their asset to liability ration.

Kgosietsile stated that they lost some traction on the development of BNOC headquarters due to their attention to a greater extent on the AYG as well as the Commonwealth and Youth Olympic Games.

“We are back to pursuing the issue with the required vigor and it is our intention that financiers should have been secured within the first half of 2015 so that construction could start soon thereafter and the project still be delivered by 2016 as per our plans.”

Nevertheless he said 2014 was indeed a unique and busy year, one in which Botswana demonstrated her capabilities and potential to the outside world. He said while a great deal of resources were invested in the AYG, they did make progress in many other areas but not to the extent they would have without the games.

Briefing the affiliates on challenges for 2014 major games, BNOC chief executive officer, Tuelo Serufho said lack of adequate and late imbursement of funding from Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture greatly affected the preparation programs of national federations for all games.

Therefore, he said inadequate funding resulted in BNOC experiencing a total games deficit of about P3.2 million in order to accommodate preparations and participations of teams to the games.

On other issues, he stated that the BNOC is currently covering anti-doping control activities and waiting for government to allocate the programme some funds to ensure compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

He stated that BNOC also managed to secure funding from Olympic Solidarity for education campaigns for athletes and their entourage which would start on November 2014- March 2015.

“There is still more education that needs to be done in terms of anti-doping as some national federations sometimes deny doping control officers contact with their athletes as well as access to facilities.”

During the AGA, cycling and baseball were approved and recognised as BNOC members while korfball delivered a presentation and awaits affiliates approval which will be announced at the next general meeting.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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