Youth League Starts On High Note

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Under-15 teams, Green Lovers, Ngwato Young Fighters, Real Modern, and Tsabotlhe FC started the league well acquiring three points each.

In the first leg of the central north region football Under 15 league, which started this weekend at the Serowe Sporting Complex, the four teams hammered any team that threatened to stand in their way.

On November 29, Green Lovers hammered Black Force 7-1, Ngwato Young Fighters beat Modern Decorators 5-4, while the following day, Real Modern beat Serokolwane Inter Club 3-2 and Tsabotlhe FC hammered Western Tigers 9-0.

In an interview with Green Lovers coach, Onthusitse Kootswele said this was a good initiative since the Under 15 seemed forgotten when it came to football. Kootswele said since the Under 12 and the Under 17 were being recognised it was the Under 15 who were disaantaged but since the commencement of the tournament their future also looked bright.

He noted that though his team won, their main objective was to develop these young boys and allow them to get used to competing in tournaments.

Sharing the same sentiments was Tsabotlhe FC coach Ditiro Raboloko who said it was really a good experience for his boys, adding that theirs was not only to win but to enjoy the game as well.

Raboloko said he was glad his team started the league on a winning mood, and expressed hope that they would keep up the momentum. He said though his team was only two months old, he was happy that their play was very impressive.

For his part, Central North Regional Football Association chairperson, Rebasikwa Mothowagae said the league started very well despite minor challenges of not keeping time.

Mothowagae said since the league has just started they hope that things would improve. The league, he said

is made up of 8 teams, all from Serowe and if they could get more resource they would include teams from Paje, Mmashoro and other surrounding villages.

The league would nurture talent and encourage more young people to be involved in sport, he said.

Source : BOPA

Source : Botswana Daily News

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