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Indictment Accuses US Congressman of Lying to FBI

A federal grand jury on Tuesday indicted U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, accusing him of lying to the FBI and concealing information from federal agents who were investigating campaign contributions funneled to him from a Nigerian bil…

Indictment Accuses US Congressman of Lying to FBI

Cape Verde, Eyeing Economic Recovery, Votes for New President

Human Rights

Botswana Court Reserves Judgement After State Appeals Gay Sex Ruling

Botswana’s Court of Appeal on Tuesday reserved judgement in a case in which the state seeks to overturn a 2019 ruling that decriminalized same sex relations. In a landmark case the High Court had ruled in favor of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transge…

Congolese Human Rights Advocate Wins Award for Work with Female Victims of Wartime Sexual Abuse

Court Awards Somalia Bulk of Indian Ocean Territory Also Claimed by Kenya


Macron Condemns 1961 ‘Inexcusable’ Paris Massacre of Algerians

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday condemned as “inexcusable” a deadly crackdown by Paris police on a 1961 protest by Algerians whose scale was covered up for decades, disappointing activists who hoped for an even stronger recognition of resp…

Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective Against Hospitalization for Up to Six Months

Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine 90% Effective Against Hospitalization for Up to Six Months

Medical/Health Care

Africa Warming More, Faster Than Other World Regions

Authors of a new report on Africa’s climate warn the continent is heating up more and faster than other regions in the world, and they said Africa needs immediate financial and technological assistance to adapt to the warming environment.The African co…

Witnesses Say Civilians Killed as Airstrikes Hit Tigray Capital

Volunteers in the Sky Watch Over Migrant Rescues by Sea

World Sports

Kenya confirms bid for 2025 World Athletics Championships

NAIROBI— Kenya confirmed its bid to host the 2025 Athletics World Championships, which if accepted, would bring the event to Africa for the first time.Nairobi has hosted both the world under-18 and under-20 World Championships in the last four years, b…

Lagos, Durban, Jo’burg to host the inaugural Africa Travel and Tourism Summit

Africa’s First Youth Games Bring Hopes for Continent’s First Olympics


Eswatini Shuts Schools Amid New Wave of Protests

Eswatini, Africa’s last absolute monarchy, said Saturday it had shut its schools “indefinitely with immediate effect” as the country faces a wave of pro-democracy protests.Students of the tiny, landlocked nation formerly known as Swaziland have been pr…

Gunmen Abduct 3 Catholic Seminarians in Nigeria’s Northwest

NATO Studying ‘Options’ to Bolster Africa Anti-Jihadi Force, UN Says

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