Angola reports Kz 14.90 bln surplus in exports, imports

Angola’s trade balance recorded a surplus of Kz 14.90 billion in 2022, with an increase of 7.59% compared to 2021 results.

Final results of external trade calculated in 2022 indicate a positive annual rate of 9.91% for exports and 14.42% for imports, compared to the same period of the previous year.

The country put at 13. 8 billion kwanzas the balance in 2021.

According to the publication released by National Institute of Statistics (INE), Angola’s main partners in exports in 2022, were China (43.70%), India (10.24%), France (7.25%), the Netherlands (6.83%) and Spain (4.43%).

To those countries, Angola exported various products, with stress to mineral fuels (94.92%), pearls, stones and precious metals (3.97%).

In terms of imports, Angola bought goods and services from China (16.02%), Portugal (10.77%), South Korea (9.24%), the Netherlands (6.84%) and India (6.10%).

From those countries, Angola acquired various products such as mineral fuels (22.42%), machines and appliances (with 18.57%), food (with 12.24%), chemicals (9.35%), vehicles and other means of transport (9.03%).

In the African continent, the main export partners were South Africa (47.01%), Malawi (13.58%), DRC (12.75%), São Tomé and Príncipe (5. 04%) and Togo (4.39%).

The Imports occurred from South Africa (54.65%), Togo (12.82%), Namibia (7.17%), Morocco (6.43%) and Egypt (3.07%).

During the year 2022, according to the classification by major economic categories (CGCE), the goods that had the greatest share in total exports were fuels and lubricants (94.45%),

industrial supplies not specified in other categories (4.95%).

Meanwhile, in the total value of imports, the most outstanding were industrial supplies not specified in other categories (23.59%), fuels and lubricants (22.31%) capital goods, except transport equipment, accessories, food products and drinks.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)