Agriculture Ministry plans to install 20 boreholes in Oshikoto

OMUTHIYA: The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform’s (MAWLR) head of rural water supply and sanitation in Oshikoto, Stevenson Tuukondjele said they plan to install 20 boreholes in the Oshikoto Region early next year.

Tuukondjele in an interview with Nampa here on Monday said the boreholes will be installed in the eastern part of the region, where water shortages are experienced.

“These boreholes will be installed in the Nehale LyaMpingana, Okankolo, Eengodi and Omuthiya constituencies,” he said.

Tuukondjele further said the ministry is busy with administrative work for now, and they will start drilling these boreholes early next year, probably around January.

He also explained the method that will be used to convert this borehole water to drinkable water.

“The ministry also embarked on research on the desalination of saline underground water, so this salty water can now be made safer for human and animal consumption,” he said.

He said they have chosen a company responsible for this process which is currently busy desalinating water in the Kunene Region.

“We are busy exploring the best possible way to take water to these areas in the meantime,” said Tuukondjele.

He also reported that a number of villages that did not have water in September, are now getting water as most of the problems, such as bursting of pipes, have been solved.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency