ALPINION, Demonstrates “X-CUBE-90 on GPX” with the Latest Diagnostic Technology Equipped at Arab Health 2023

  • Provide enhanced radiology and ob-gyn solutions equipped with quantitative diagnostic functions for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis and improved 3D image performance
  • Unveil a new X-CUBE line-up

SEOUL, South Korea and DUBAI, UAE, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alpinion Medical Systems Co., Ltd. will take part in Arab Health 2023, the largest medical device exhibition in the Middle East in January 2023, and unveil an X-CUBE line-up with the latest imaging platform and enhanced diagnostic solution functions.

Alpinion Medical Systems takes part in Arab Health 2023.

“X-CUBE 90/70 on GPX,” a culmination of Alpinion’s innovative technologies, is designed based on the X+ Architecture platform consisting of X+ FIT beamforming and X+ Crystal Signature transducers, and is incorporated with X+ Focus, an imaging process that reduces noise and artifacts. Accordingly, this device provides delicate tissue differentiation performance with excellent resolution, contrast, and uniformity.

In addition, this device has enhanced function, increasing the accuracy of diagnosis for internal medicine and ob-gyn staff. The ATI (Attenuation Imaging) function for fatty liver analysis and the 2D SWE (Shearwave Elastography) function that measures tissue stiffness along with the Color Map can quantitatively diagnose liver, breast, and thyroid diseases. In effect, these functions were presented at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) held last month and received favorable reviews.

Notably, including the improved 3D image expression, the “Brilliant Flow” function that shows blood flow in three dimensions and the X+ MicroView function that expresses microvascular blood flow help ob-gyn staff to understand the structure of blood vessels and tissues and distinguish their boundaries.

Alpinion plans to present the entire line-up of the X-CUBE series with the X+ Architecture platform, from “X-CUBE 90/70 on GPX,” a high-end model, to X-CUBE i9, a laptop-type model.

X-CUBE 60 is a mid-range product in the X-CUBE line-up based on the X+ Architecture platform, which has proven its performance and quality in the market, thus providing improved image performance and convenient usability.

In addition, X-CUBE 60 is characterized by a high-performance imaging platform, easy-to-operate control panels, digital keyboards, various automatic measurement functions, X+ Assistant that supports customized workflows, an online remote support system, and a lightweight and compact design weighing 70kg. In effect, this product was designed to maximize the work efficiency of clinics.

X-CUBE i9, a laptop-type ultrasound diagnostic device to be released in the first half of 2023, is another innovative product of Alpinion. Notably, with its portability and powerful imaging performance, this product is expected to be widely used not only in POC (point of care) and emergency medicine departments but also in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.


A company representing South Korea in the field of parts and materials manufacturing, ALPINION MEDICAL SYSTEMS, a subsidiary of the ILJIN Group (015860.KS), specializes in the development and manufacture of medical ultrasound systems. Entered the ultrasound business in 2007, ALPINION has risen to become a major value innovator within the industry.

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