Atletico win Makaya football tournament

Atletico Football Club (FC) won the Makaya Second Edition Annual Football Tournament after Atletico FC A defeated Open Fire FC B by four goals to one and Atletico B overcame Nine Eleven by one goal.

The competition, which took place at the Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Senior Secondary sports field in the Oshana Region from 15-17 September, saw Atletico teams A and B share first place considering they are one team that was split in two for the tournament.

Atletico FC coach Shafa Kambonde stated that his team is King Kauluma Palace, a first division outfit, but he used the name Atletico FC to participate in the Makaya tournament as preseason preparations, allowing him to reduce the squad to at least 30 players because he currently has a big team.

When Nampa asked Kambonde in an interview on Tuesday what it required to win the event, he stated, “Most of the days we train, the team is made up of young and senior players. I tell the senior players to motivate young players.”

Kambonde added that the event was well organised, and one thing he appreciated about the competition was that it had enough time of about 30 to 40 minutes for players to improve their fitness levels.

According to Oshana Village Based Football League (OVBFL) chairperson Herman Paulus, the Ondangwa Masters eliminated Open Fire Legends 5-3 following a goalless draw on Sunday.

Onelago Legends lost to Open Fire Legends in the semi-final, Paulus said.

He added that Cairo Legends took third place after defeating Onelago Legends.

Omle Security Services sponsored the event by providing funding, medals, and trophies to the champions of each category.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency