Deputy Vice Chancellor Teaching and Learning Embarks on Meet and Greet Exercise


Deputy Vice Chancellor Teaching and Learning, Professor Georges Ekosse, embarked on meet and greet exercise around the University campus, meeting with different faculty members to establish key areas that require attention and improvement.
Professor Ekosse said his visits are to establish discourse and rapport amongst colleagues, to speak on ideas that will further the university, facilitate quality and adequate teaching and learning. He said that his is an open-door policy to all, therefore colleagues are welcome to speak on initiatives and innovative ways to improve teaching and learning.
Dean Faculty of Medicine, Professor Oathokwa Nkomazana, said one area of improvement was clinical practice and for clinical professionals to further train and instruct medical students in a practical manner. The Dean said this will edify the Social and Societal Value of the Teaching hospital.
Faculty Dean Health Sciences, Professor Ishmael Kasvosve, mentioned that strengthening the faculty with additional members is pivotal. He advocated that there be an additional batch of teaching to support the faculty, this done to facilitate more course study for students.
During his visit to the faculty of Social Science, DVC Teaching and Learning met with the departments various members. Faculty Acting Dean, Professor Tachilisa Badala Balule, advised there be a retention of Professors. He stated this to be not only developing postgraduate research, it also will help develop future scholars within the University of Botswana.
The Center for Continuing Education Director, Professor Olekae Thakadu, gave his suggestion while in talks with the Deputy Vice Chancellor Teaching and Learning, He suggested that the University gave more opportunities to more Continuing students. Professor Thakadu said more class seats could benefit the institution in producing for example Project Managers by increasing the intake number.
Professor Ekosse also met members from faculties of Education, Engineering and Technology, Science, Humanities and Business, Centre for Academic Development and School of Graduate Studies.

Source: University of Botswana