Diplomat calls for greater investment in education

Angolan ambassador to Cuba Cândida Teixeira defended Thursday increased investment in technological education in benefit of women, to better contribute to the development of the states.

The diplomat was addressing a topic “Innovation, technology and education to achieve gender equality (challenges and opportunities).

In his speech, he said it is necessary to create an incentive model and show women that it is possible to train in the areas of science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

Cândida Teixeira said that it is essential to invest in children from an early age so that they follow these careers that give greater visibility and help the development of any country.

He also clarified that in order to be able to impose itself at the gender level, it must be shown that women are capable of doing and learning everything.

According to the economist Laurinda Hoygaard, the Angolan government effectiveness and materialization of participation of women.

Laurinda Hoygaard also spoke of the need for institutions to establish themselves in economic, social and political programmes.

The event aims to attract the importance and reflection of peace and democracy on the African continent.

Leading figures such as the former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson, former Vice-President of Costa Rica, Epsy Cambell Barr, representatives of the United Nations and diplomats will address the five thematic panels under discussion at the event that runs until must increasingly focus on gender to ensure the

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)