Foreign and National experts attend conference on oil and gas

The 4th Edition of the International Conference and Exhibition, dubbed Angola Oil and Gas 2023 (AOG2023), begins this Wednesday, in Luanda, with the presence of African ministers and international experts in the field.

In this edition, among other guests, the presence of the oil ministers of Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Equatorial Guinea, as well as representatives of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and African producing countries, are confirmed.

Taking place from the 13th to the 14th of this month, the Conference takes place at a time when Angola maintains production levels of around 1.1 million barrels of oil per day (BOPD).

As part of the sector’s strategies, the event also includes the signing of several agreements between the National Concessionaire and some entities.

It is expected that the event will serve as a platform to facilitate the attraction of investments for the oil and gas sector in Angola.

Running under the motto “Energy Security, Decarbonization and Sustainable Development”, the event will transform Luanda into the world’s oil capital, organized by ECP – Energy Capital and Power, with the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas.

Taking place at the Talatona Convention Center, 45 countries are expected to participate, with more than 275 participants, including senior delegates and representatives of oil companies.

Highlights of the program include, among other topics, value creation in the energy transition, oil recovery techniques to combat production declines, green gas: use and monetization of gas in an oil-focused environment.

There are also topics on the role of local banks and insurance companies in the rise of local EandP players, Privatization of national companies: opportunities and challenges; the Fuel financing: Self-sufficiency in refining and regional exports, as well as Strategies for the Angolanization of the Angolan energy industry

Source: Angola Press News Agency