Former Liberian President encourages African women

Former President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Thursday in Luanda encouraged African women to work hard for greater inclusion in society and rise to political, administrative and social positions.

The 84- year old and first Africa’s female president, made the statement in the first panel of the I International Women’s Forum for Peace and Democracy, which runs until Friday in the Angolan capital, Luanda, under the theme “technological innovation as a tool for achieving food security and fighting drought in the African continent”.

Ellen Johnson made a speech on “the challenges of globalisation in the gender empowerment process”, having spoke of her career and the political experience in her country.

The former Liberian President said African women must be strong, determined, risk-taking and believe that they can hold leading positions in their respective countries.

The former Liberian stateswoman highlighted the role of women in fighting for their rights and opportunities, underlining that there are many young women in Africa and internationally who no longer accept being marginalised.

“No woman asks to be elected to a certain position. They demand it because they are capable and courageous”, Ellen Johnson said, having defended the need to increase the number of positions for women from 30 per cent stipulated by the United Nations to 50 per cent, due to the fact that this section of society is the majority of the population.

Ellen Johnson was the first woman in Africa to become President, having led Liberia from 2006 to 2018, during her term she fought against unemployment, public debt and the Ebola epidemic.

In 2011, she won the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting for women’s safety and rights.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)