Motho le Motho Kgomo Monument: The Story of a Resilient Nation

The University of Botswana fourth year students in the Department of History have organised an exhibition themed Motho le Motho Kgomo: The Story of a Resilient Nation.

The aim of the exhibition which will run until end of semester, is to highlight the significance of the Motho le Motho Kgomo monument in the history of the establishment of the University of Botswana.

The monument is located in front of the UB library and the students feel it is not given the recognition is deserved as part of Botswana’s national heritage. Consequently, the exhibition serves to educate the public about the importance of the monument as well as to campaign for it to be recognised as part of Botswana national heritage. The exhibition is open to all.

Held at the UB Archaeology Unit, the exhibition tells the story of the Motho le Motho Kgomo campaign or BUCA, through a photo gallery depicting the evolution of the University of Botswana from inception to where it is now 40 years later.

UB recently unveiled another monument named Botswana University Campus Appeal (BUCA) monument. The monument celebrates Batswana who contributed to the establishment of the University of Botswana. A list of all the names of contributors is engraved on the monument.

Source: University of Botswana