Namibia’s National Council Marks Successful Conclusion of 10th Session

Windhoek – Lukas Muha, Chairperson of the National Council, announced the completion of the 10th session of the sixth National Council in Namibia. The session, which began on November 20, 2023, focused on regional and national issues in line with the Namibian Constitution.

According to Namibian Press Agency (NAMPA), In a statement, Muha reported that the session was productive, with significant progress in parliamentary conduct. The council reviewed and passed several bills, including the Magistrate Court Amendment Bill (Bill 17-2023), the Electoral Amendment Bill (Bill 20-2023), and the Appropriation Amendment Bill (Bill 21-2023). Two additional bills, the High Court Amendment Bill (Bill 18-2023) and the Vehicle Mass Bill (Bill 19-2023), were deferred to the next session.

The session also saw the tabling of three motions, with two referred to standing committees and one postponed to a subsequent session. Muha commended the committees and delegations that submitted their reports promptly and encouraged timely submissions in future sessions.

Highlighting future legislative developments, Muha revealed that the Regional and Constituency Development Fund Bill, previously known as the Constituency Development Fund Bill, is expected to be tabled in the National Assembly early next year. He urged Parliament members to engage efficiently in the upcoming discussions on the bill to avoid delays.