Omahake Pst Bet Governor’s Cup Underway

GOBABIS: The Omaheke Governor’s Cup commenced at the Legare Stadium in Gobabis in the Omaheke region.

The tournament was officiated by the Omaheke Governor, Pijoo Nganate, who said that young people should take this opportunity to showcase their talent and skills as the regional leaders are paving ways for them.

“As much as this is called the Governor’s cup, this is the governor’s event it is a regional event. It belongs to all of us, should belong to every person in Omaheke and every person in Omaheke must attached him or herself with this event,” Nganate indicated.

Nganate at the same occasion urged the Gobabis municipality and all the other towns in the region to enforce by-laws that control the use of alcohol, especially among the young people in the region, as according to him, the alcohol and drunk abuse has become a problem in the region and contributes to the hunger and poverty in the region.

“Our children should not be disturbed the whole night and go to school tired the next morning, so the issue of noise pollution, the issue of alcohol abuse and the unabated operation of alcohol outlet it must be something of the past in the Omaheke, because this is also one of the main contributing factors to poverty and the issue of malnutrition,” he said.

The Omaheke Regional Chairperson, Ignasius Gariseb, said that the event is the testament of the commitment by the regional leaders for nurturing diversity, sport and recreation system within their region.

“A system that empowers participation, foster talent development and enhance the overall health and wellbeing of individuals of communities through our region. Today we come together to create a platform, not only for the spirited competition among the seven constituencies, but also to discover the regional talents that will proudly represent our region in at regional, national and international events,” he emphasised.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency