Petrol, diesel prices go up in October

The Ministry of Mines and Energy announced on Friday that as of 04 October 2023, petrol prices will increase by N.dollars 1.90, while diesel increases by N.dollars 2.40 per litre.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Simon Andreas said that in Walvis Bay, petrol prices will be N.dollars 22.88 per litre. Diesel 50 ppm will be N.dollars 23.15 per litre, while diesel 10 ppm will be priced at N.dollars 23.35 per litre.

Fuel prices in other regions of the country will be adjusted accordingly.

“Additionally, the ministry resolved to increase the industry margin for wholesalers by 18 cents per litre from 128 cents per litre to 146 cents per litre. It also resolved to increase the dealer margin for service station operators by 20 cents from 163 cents per litre to 183 cents per litre. The ministry further resolved to offer a temporary three-month relief margin of 20 cents per litre to the oil wholesalers to try and rescue them from dire straits which their businesses are facing,” Andreas added.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency