President João Lourenço encourages Italian investment in Angola

Angolan president João Lourenço encouraged Italian businesspeople to invest in all branches of the Angolan economy to participate in public investment projects.

According to the President of the Republic, Italian businesspeople will be able to obtain important competitive advantages in placing locally produced goods on foreign markets.

In his speech, the Angolan Head of State expressed the country’s interest in having Italian private investment in the field of pharmaceuticals and disposable equipment for the health sector.

“We expect that Italian businesspeople view Angola as a great opportunity”, expressed João Lourenço at the

The Angolan Head of State was speaking, in Rome, at the opening of the Italy-Angola Economic Forum, as part of the State visit to that European country, at the invitation of President Sergio Mattarella.

“The Republic of Angola encourages direct private investment by Italian companies in all branches of our economy, as well as their participation in the undertaking of important public investment projects”, he pointed out.

He said that public investment projects are linked to the fields of infrastructure, food processing, wood, ornamental stones and tourism.

According to President João Lourenço, the prospects for growth of the Angolan economy are positive for the current year, with results expected to stand at around 3.3%.

Italy-Angola Economic Forum.

The Angolan Head of State considered positive the references about the performance of Italian companies in the Angolan market, among which the multinational Eni.

He stated, on the other hand, that Italy and Angola develop, within the established framework of cooperation, intense cooperation ties with advantages for both countries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)