Seychelles’ Cabinet of Ministers approves trade and economic agreement with Turkey

The Seychelles’ Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft agreement on trade and economic cooperation with Turkey with the aim to promote trade between the two countries.

Vice President Ahmed Afif told reporters on Thursday that the discussion between Seychelles and Turkey started in early 2020 to allow trade between the two countries in various areas.

“With the COVID-19, discussions did not make much progress and earlier this year the government decided to re-engage with Turkey since we know that Turkey is a country with which we trade a lot. Many people import commodities from Turkey so we find it important to have an agreement with them so that the procedures can work much better,” he said.

Through the agreement, the two governments will strengthen cooperation in investment and development in agriculture and livestock, fisheries, energy and mineral resources, science and technology, tourism as well as human resources, and intellectual property rights, among others.

The Cabinet also approved for Seychelles to enter into a Custom Cooperation Agreement with Turkey as a means of enhancing communication, capacity building, and exchange of information between the two countries’ customs authorities.

The agreement is expected to play an important role in trade facilitation and border control, by eliminating inefficiencies and improving cross-border coordination and security.

The Cabinet of Ministers also approved a proposal to amend the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act of 2022. The amendment is to permit the President to designate any other relevant statutory body as an approved authority for requesting mutual assistance in criminal matters from other jurisdictions.

Currently, the Office of the Attorney General (AG) is the only designated authority with the power to make and respond to requests for mutual assistance in criminal matters.

The amendment will allow other jurisdictions to seek information directly from other relevant statutory bodies as an approved authority in Seychelles when requesting mutual assistance in criminal matters.

“The proposed amendment is to allow the President through regulation, for an approved authority to go directly through diplomatic channels to take part in the exchange of information or coordinate the exchange of information. All information shared will be copied to the AG’s office which will remain the network that keeps all the information on the exchanges between Seychelles and other countries,” he explained.

Source: Seychelles News Agency