Seychelles’ health ministry receives cutting-edge equipment from SMS private clinic

The Seychelles health ministry has received cutting-edge medical equipment from Seychelles Medical (SMS) to help in its commitment to universal healthcare.

The recent donation consists of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment with advanced technologies that contribute to various medical applications which is worth SCR 3 million ($232,400). The equipment was handed over to Dr. Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency by the director and owner of Seychelles Medical, Justin Etzin.

The donation includes DNA fingerprinting, forensic, analysis, genetic disease diagnosis, and pathogen detection, including viruses like Hepatitis B and C, HIV-1 among others.

Seychelles Medical said that these tools hold tremendous potential for enhancing research capabilities and improving patient care at Seychelles Hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The director and owner of Seychelles Medical, Justin Etzin, said: “We are proud to stand alongside the Ministry of Health in their mission to provide excellent healthcare to the people of Seychelles. Our donation of specialised high-end laboratory equipment, including cutting-edge DNA replication and detection machines, showcases our dedication to advancing medical diagnostics and research in the country.”

In addition to laboratory equipment, SMS is also providing bio-safety cabinets, refrigeration systems, storage solutions, and other equipment, along with consumables that bolster safety measures for medical operations and examinations within the hospital setting.

The Minister of Health, Peggy Vidot, expressed gratitude for the generous donation.

“The collaboration between Seychelles Medical (SMS) Private Clinic and the Ministry of Health exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships in advancing healthcare and medical services in the country,” she said.

Meanwhile, Seychelles Medical has embarked on its next phase and is offering medical protection that will allow Seychelles companies to provide their employees with fast and easily accessible healthcare.

Etzin told SNA that “investing in employees is pivotal to a company’s success’. This investment encompasses not only training and development but also prioritising their health and indwelling.”

“The ‘Ultimate Medical Protection’ grants employees access to a wide range of exceptional benefits, including around the clock doctor consultations at their home or work place, full annual checkups, monthly wellness clinics, family-centric advantages, and access to an international online health and wellness platform featuring yoga classes and healthy recipes,” he added.

Seychelles Medical clinic was set up in 2011 and currently offers extensive services to local individuals as well as visitors to the island nation.

“We provide a 24/7 on-call doctor service, available for Seychellois at their home or workplace, starting at just SCR500 ($38). Whether you have suspected food poisoning, flu, need a prescription, have an elderly relative that cannot travel to the local hospital, or anything else, our doctors will come to you,” said Etzin.

He said that for tourists visiting Seychelles, SMS allows them the choice of receiving medical consultations in the comfort and privacy of their hotel rooms.

On the health situation in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, Etzin said that it is remarkably positive.

“The nation has made significant strides in ensuring the health and wellbeing of its citizens and residents. Seychelles boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure with excellent facilities and highly trained medical professionals. One of the most impressive aspects of Seychelles’ health system is its commitment to universal healthcare,” he added.

Source: Seychelles News Agency