Solutions to ELP sustainable development secured

The Secretary of State for Planning Milton dos Santos Reis said Thursday that the new proposal for the Long-Term Strategy (ELP– 2050) presents viable solutions to promote the country’s sustainable development.

Milton dos Santos Reis was speaking at the provincial public consultation meeting on the proposal, held in the capital of the central Huambo province.

The event was attended by various social actors, including government officials, magistrates, traditional authorities, members of defence, security and internal order bodies, representatives of political parties with seats in Parliament, academics and civil society organisations.

Milton dos Santos said that the ELP represents the main instrument of the National Planning System, because it is placed at the highest hierarchical level and presents strategic options for sustainable development for the country.

He explained that it was prepared taking into account the development scenarios, both at national and at the sector and territorial levels.

According to the official, the document is a version of the old proposal for the 2020-25 Long-Term Strategy.

He explained that the review, started in 2017, is based on three factors, with the first of which resulting from the assessment carried out in 2017.

The other factors, he added, have to do with the need to adjust the document to

the agendas of the United Nations (UN) on the Sustainable Development Goals 2020-30 and the Africa Union 2020-63, as well as the political cycles of the country that have a five-year period.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)