US Pledging Tens of Billions of Dollars for Africa

The United States plans to commit $55 billion to Africa over the next three years, according to White House officials. The announcement comes as the administration of President Joe Biden hosts a two-day meeting with African leaders.

The U.S. three-year funding pledge contains $20 billion for health programs in Africa.

Speaking to African leaders Wednesday at a business forum, President Joe Biden said the United States is all in on Africa’s future, and he announced new trade opportunities and infrastructure commitments, including for clean energy and the digital economy.

“Improving Africa’s infrastructure is essential to our vision of building a stronger global economy that can better withstand the kinds of shocks that we’ve seen the past few years,” Biden said.

The U.S. president is facing some criticism for not interacting individually with the visiting African leaders. Administration officials say soon, Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and some Cabinet secretaries will individually be visiting Africa for detailed discussions.

Source: Voice of America