Which humanitarian stories pulled in the most readers in 2022?


Unfortunately in our line of work, there’s never a dull year. But what grabbed our audience’s attention the most? From in-depth looks at how Ukraine distracted attention from other crises to thorny questions around localisation, decolonisation, and Lebanon’s trauma; from innovative new storytelling techniques to year-long investigations and mini-documentaries, here are our top 12 articles, podcast episodes, and films of 2022:

Rethinking Humanitarianism | An interview with the UN’s humanitarian chief

‘I don’t want to leave OCHA without having done something about making the humanitarian effort a bit more human, a bit more focused.’

Host Heba Aly sits down with Martin Griffiths to explore his vision for his tenure as the UN’s humanitarian chief. They discuss how he intends to address unequal power dynamics in the aid sector, the increasing influence of donors, and the need for humanitarians to push back against an ever-expanding scope of activity.

Stolen future: Haiti’s gangs and its children

Haiti is experiencing unprecedented levels of gang violence and kidnappings – a spike that has paralysed the Caribbean country and prevented crucial humanitarian aid from getting to millions of people who are hungry, displaced, or facing other needs. The New Humanitarian gained rare access to current and former gang members in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Source: The New Humanitarian