Zambia’s Attorney General Office interested in Angolan experience

Attorney General of the Republic of Zambia Mulilo Kabesha expressed Thursday in Luanda interest in the Angolan experience of combating corruption and assets recovery.

In a meeting with judges of the Angolan Supreme Court, the prosecutor said that Angola had taken significant steps in the fight against corruption and recovery of assets, with results that any African country would like to achieve.

He said that Zambia wants to learn how Angola recovers assets embezzled by “criminals” and puts them to the benefit of the nation.

However, he said he hoped that some agreements and memorandums would be signed shortly, similarly to existing understandings in the economic field between the two countries.

On the occasion, the presiding judge of the supreme, Joel Leonardo, said that his instance has 22 judges, eight of whom are women, the oldest being 69 years old and the youngest 31.

The Angola’s Attorney General, Hélder Pitta Gróz, who attended the event, highlighted the role of the courts in the asset recovery process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)